out there

Single-channel Color Video
3:20 min.

The boyfriends are separated for the summer; The actor away at summerstock, and the artist at home in the apartment. In a duet apart, they search for each other in song.

performed by Matthew de Leon and Adam Kee
edited by Matthew de Leon

"Somewhere Out There"
copyrighted and written by James Horner, Barry Mann and Cynthia Weil | 1986


Single-Channel Color Video
1:53 min.

A colorful creature tries everything it can do to make contact with the viewer.

Sweet William and the Miller

Single Channel Video | Color
7:30 min.

Adaptation of Oscar Wilde's "The Devoted Friend"
Featured Actors:
Adam Kee (The Miller)
Sarah de Leon (Gwendolyn)
Matthew de Leon (Sweet William)

Music composed by Adam Kee